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Barbie vs Hulk. The first stop motion video in my life

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

The first video I made was Barbie vs Hulk. And it was very difficult for a beginner. Now I try to make movies with 1:12 (6 inch) dolls. This size is best for shooting stop motion video. These figures are small, but not too small. Lightweight - any homemade rig and tape can withstand them. And the area for shooting them is not very large, any desk will do.

But the Barbie doll has a scale of 1:6 (12 inches). This is twice the size and the doll is twice as heavy. But the main problem is that I could not find an action figure of the Hulk of this scale. But still I found it! This is just a huge 1:6 Hulk action figure from Hasbro! It is very heavy - about four kilograms! Now it is very difficult to find this figure, it has become rare. If I find it for sale, the link will be below:

For my first shoot, it was just a terrible action figure! Not a single homemade rig could hold her. The scenes where the Hulk flies up and is in the air, I had to shoot, just putting boxes under him. Shooting a minute video lasted 7 days. Then another 7 days I erased everything superfluous in Photoshop. Already on the second video, I used Adobe After Effects for this case. It's much faster and better quality. But in the first video it was Photoshop.

Watch a video about how I shot my first stop motion video:

Barbie I also bought is not simple. This episode is called " Made to Move ". The dolls of this series seem to be specially made to shoot stop-motion videos. They have a lot of movable joints unlike the standard Barbie doll. If you want to shoot stop motion videos with Barbie dolls, then only this «Made to Move» series will give you great opportunities.

Read the article on how to make the cheapest rig to support figures here.

Once again, I apologize for the translation. English is not my language.

I really look forward to your activity on the channel. Any comments under my videos, likes and subscriptions will help me a lot in the development of the Youtube channel. Thanks a lot!

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