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How to make the easiest and cheapest stop motion rig

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

You can buy professional stop motion rigs, it's easier but much more expensive. And if you, like me, just want to try your hand at this hobby, then there is no point in spending a lot of money. You may not like this activity. Stop motion is a very slow and painstaking task, and definitely not everyone will pass this test.

But in order to save money, you have to work with your hands.

How to make a stop motion rig

Friends, I don't speak English. Therefore, the entire article is translated in the translator program. I apologize for the quality of the text.

It consists of two parts A and B, see photo #2. And also part C that connects them.

What parts does my homemade rig consist of

Part A is the soldering holder, which is called the "Third Hand". I bought 6 of them at once to get a lot of details. You can buy, for example, here:

soldering holder "Third Hand"

Part B is the microscope stand. I bought two to try. For example here:

microscope stand

But part A and part B now need to be connected somehow. Here I had to work with my hands and make part C.

I used plywood 10–12 mm thick and made this detail - see photo #3. Although I wrote the dimensions of this part, you should be guided by the dimensions that you will have at the microscope stand and at the "third hand". Part C I screwed to part B with a large screw and nut. See photo 4

At the base of part A (Third hand) I drilled two holes and screwed them to part C. See photo 4.

And here is the most painful question - where to get a platform to fix the adhesive tape. Detail D (see photo 2). Read about it here.

To secure the action figure, I use high quality 3M VHB GPH-160GF double sided tape. Thickness 1.6 mm. For example like this:

3M VHB Tape GPH-160GF 0.75" X 5YD

Here is your first rig ready. But it has a number of disadvantages. Read about how you can improve it with your own hands here.

Here is an example of using such a rig:

Once again, I apologize for the translation. English is not my language.

I really look forward to your activity on the channel. Any comments under my videos, likes and subscriptions will help me a lot in the development of the Youtube channel. Thanks a lot!

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