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Ready-made rigs - which are on sale

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

If you don’t want to do it by hand, but just want to buy a ready-made solution, then here are the options I found for you.

I already wrote an article - how to make the cheapest rig to maintain figures. Read here.

So here's what I found :

I don't have these rigs, so I can't recommend them. I just looking for what variants are on sale.

1. DIY Rig-100

Amazon 1 (62$) -

Amazon 2 (63$) -

Aliexpress (43$) -

Judging by the images, this rig will only be able to hold very light objects.

DIY Rig-100 for stop motion animation

2. Armature Rigging System

Amazon - (98$) -

Aliexpress (68$) -

This rig looks really good. But it also costs more.

Armature Rigging System for stop motion animation

3. Rig-200

Aliexpress ($59) -

Rig-200 for stop motion animation


Aliexpress ($85) -

Rig-300 for stop motion animation

In general, this seller on aliexpress has all the products designed for shooting stop motion animation. But the prices are not cheap. There are even other things like this:

5. WR-300 linear winder rig ($165) -

WR-300 linear winder rig for stop motion animation

5. PTR-300 vertical and horizontal linear

winder rig system (US $275) -

PTR-300 vertical and horizontal linear winder rig system for stop motion animation

Once again, I apologize for the translation. English is not my language.

I really look forward to your activity on the channel. Any comments under my videos, likes and subscriptions will help me a lot in the development of the Youtube channel. Thanks a lot!

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