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How to improve the stop motion rig.

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Now you have the cheapest rig. But he has flaws.

How to improve the stop motion rig

This is the third part of the article.

The first part is here.

The second part is here.

Friends, I don't speak English. Therefore, the entire article is translated in the translator program. I apologize for the quality of the text.

Now you have the cheapest rig. But he has flaws. The connections circled in photo №1 are not strong enough. They are made of very soft metal and when you try to tighten them more they begin to bend.

What can be done?

Photo number 2. Use several plates at once. Two or Three. Then they stop bending. You will have to replace the screw with a long one.

Photo number 3. Using a drill and a drill, chamfer the hole. The metal is very soft and not difficult to make. You will increase the area of contact between the ball and the part. Increase friction force and clamping force.

Photo number 4. Using a file or power tool, remove the shiny layer from the ball. Make it not so smooth. You will increase the friction force and clamping force.

And finally, one more important tip. Photo number 5. Never tighten this screw too much! It is screwed into a plastic part that has a plastic thread. If you apply force, you will simply break the part!

Here is an example of using two such rigs:

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