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Not expensive action figures of good quality

In this article, I wanted to talk about inexpensive action figures from China that have a good price-quality ratio.

I have already said that I really love shooting my videos with original S.H.Figuarts. These figurines are of the highest quality and are ideal for stop motion animation. But they are expensive. I can't afford to buy many of these figurines. Therefore, I am always looking for interesting offers at an affordable price and good quality. Here is an interesting seller I found on Aliexpress. With these figures, I shot this video:

Of course, they are inferior in quality to expensive brands. But I like them. And they have a very good price.

Iron Man. US $25.90 -

Iron Man action figure

Captain America US $27.77 -

Captain America action figure

Black Widow US $31.54 -

Black Widow action figure

See all offers from this seller. For example, these Star Wars stormtroopers cost only $15.55. Usually you need to buy a lot of them and a low price is very good.

Star Wars Troopers -

Star Wars Troopers action figures

Also from this seller you can find branded figures both in boxes and without boxes, but at a low price. For example, this original branded Hulk from Habro Marvel Legends can be bought without a box for US $56.57. I will make a new video with him soon.

Marvel Legends Retro Series Hulk -

Marvel Legends Retro Series Hulk action figure

Although you can buy such a Hulk on Amazon for $ 61 with a box! :-)

Marvel Legends 20th Anniversary -

Marvel Legends 20th Anniversary - Hulk- Action Figure

Once again, I apologize for the translation. English is not my language.

I really look forward to your activity on the channel. Any comments under my videos, likes and subscriptions will help me a lot in the development of the Youtube channel. Thanks a lot!

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