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How to make the easiest and cheapest stop motion rig. Part 2

Updated: Apr 8

In this article I will try to answer the question: how to make a platform at the end of the rig, on which a figure is attached using double-sided tape.

How to make a stop motion rig

This is a continuation of the article. See the beginning here.

Friends, I don't speak English. Therefore, the entire article is translated in the translator program. I apologize for the quality of the text.

I made it using two parts. See photo 2.

how to make a platform at the end of the rig

The first part is threaded rods, which are sold in hardware stores. See photo 3.

Amazon -

threaded rods

Second detail. See photo 4. Unfortunately, I cannot give you a link to stores in the US or China. These parts connect aluminum extrusion profiles.

You may also find such parts in companies selling aluminum extrusion profiles. If anyone tells me a link to such details, and the United States or China, then I will post it here.

I connected these two parts using super glue.

Amazon -

Here is an example of using two such rigs:

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